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Based on the Speech Plasma Method, this volume is designed for students who can speak English at an elementary level but lack fluency, which makes them feel confused and frustrated. The book is aimed at the development of the learner's fluency in speech through fluency practice drills. The drills are similar to physical exercises that can be practiced regularly, repeated over and over again, concentrating either on their intensity and force or on rapidness and speed. The volume contains 40 dialogues and 120 fluency practice drills. Each dialogue is followed by three stories: Two of them are told by the participants of the dialogue, and the third one is a summary of the conversation narrated by a third person. The Speech Plasma Method uses special speech fluency drills to generate a super active area, speech plasma, thus producing all the necessary conditions for spontaneous, automatic speech. Once created in your mind, speech plasma acts as a stimulator for further language learning. The bigger and stronger your speech plasma grows, the more fluently you speak, the easier it is to absorb new words and grammar rules, the faster you listen, and the better you understand oral texts. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Andrew Johnson, Melanie Binks. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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